Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Why This Kolaveri Di.........?- Reasons behind...!!

Why This Kolaveri Di? – It’s my song..!!

Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di……….????

The video of South star Danush singing " Why this Kolaveri Di ", from his upcoming show has gone viral. Within few days of its online release, the odd song already has a million views!

It starts off with Danush's rap - "Yo boyz, I am singing song... Soup song... Flop song... The song with the Tamil word, "Kolaveri", which almost translates into "murderous rage",

White skin-u girl-u girl-u

girl-u heart-u black-u

This reminded me of my dream girl, beauty, ex.gf  “Sri..." I still do not understand why she proposed me and after few days of our love relationship why she left me on chaos...

eyes-u full-aa tear-u

empty life-u

girl-u come-u

life reverse gear-

Those are the days of my M.Sc when i first experienced the kick in love of a girl.  She completely occupied my thoughts.  But weirdly she disappeared one day. I grieved so much with her absence. Spent nights with tears. I couldn't focus on studies and this result me to fail in exams for the first time in life! And my life became empty…literally vacant that I couldn’t adore my life in any facet.

God I’m dying now-u

she is happy how-u

After six months, I came to know that she was in love with another guy, and she is enjoying that relation. But, I?? My future was shallow, dying every day with her memories. I was agonizing for her love. I am sick of her.

That day something happened, which brought me again to life…the better life than before.

Jesus Christ encountered me. He showed his Love than any other person in my life. He is real. He never disappointed me until today.  I was after that girl, but Jesus is after me all the days. He cares. He supplies, and he cures the heart.

The greater thing Jesus did to me is he saved me from my sins and changed my life. He is the perfect example of Love.

It is not justice to fault only girls but BIBLE reveals the fact that every person’s heart is black. Because of of the SIN, we are missing the true essence of LOVE but adding all extras. Today generation is habituated for the EXTRAS and missing ESSENCE. We exchange gifts; we hang around; we show a lot... we do everything that is extra. However, our sin contaminated the true LOVE.

To show the true Love, Jesus came to the earth. It is not wondered to say that JESUS is the only GOD, who said 'I LOVE YOU' . No other people, who are being called as God said like that. JESUS demonstrated his love towards us on the cross of the Calvary. He paid the penalty for our sins to make us sin-free.  Because of His cross now we can be saved and can experience true essence and meaning of LOVE.

Jesus asks everyone to come to him to LOVE and to be Loved.

While the Kolavari song offers NO CHOICE… JESUS gives life to everyone to those who choose Him.

Dear reader, why don’t you choose JESUS today??

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  1. God helped you in your hard time. Now follow the Lord with all your heart.